The sharer for our February 19, 2021 Zoom meeting was Leanne Carter.

Note from Leanne:

I am from the other side of the border. Born in Toronto Canada. I work with Discipling the Nations, based in Kansas City. I am also associate missionary with Action Canada in Calgary.

My last name will be familiar too many of you. My late husband, Warren Carter, grew up in Elmira and his parents, Dave and Mary were part of ACTS for many years.

Warren and I met on the field. I was working with women’s ministries and Warren was developing young leaders across Europe until his home going in 2011.

My sons Jonathan and David and I continue to live in Austria. Jonathan got married a few weeks ago. He is 22 now and a very happy newlywed. They live just five minutes from my place. David is 18 and he is in his senior year of high school in Vienna. So I still have one son at home.

My focus is to help raise up the next generation of Titus 2 women in Austria. Older women who invest in younger women and model what it is to be a daughter of the King in “every day” life. Paul wrote to Titus and said look for mature women of the faith to teach the younger women. This is what I do.

How do I do this? Well it is certainly is all about relationships. I spend a lot of time with these women one on one, and hold several groups teaching leadership training. I work with two men in a team doing symposiums and webinars on Lead Develop Care. Helping people become leaders others want to follow.  We each have a a specialty emphasis but we work together.

Training up leaders has become a priority so that leaders are being equipped and workers are multiplying. Seeing individual women find their place in ministry serving in the local church is an important objective for me.

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