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Family Life Radio Spot:


The Spiritual Care Today event will be at the Elmira Clarion Inn in Elmira. This location is the former Holiday Inn. It is located at: 760 East Water Street, Elmira, NY 14901. Their website link is:  choicehotels.com/new-york/elmira/clarion-hotels/ny740

Two events are open to all interested in celebrating, learning about, and supporting spiritual care services.

Please call Stephanie at 607-737-5280 Ext.207 prior to 10/17/23 to register for each event.

The 8:00 am Spiritual Caregivers Appreciation Breakfast is hosted by: Area Christians Together in Service (ACTS). The $10 per breakfast price will be collected at the door from all pre-registered attendees. Others who do not wish to eat are welcome to  fellowship with us at no cost.

The agenda of the breakfast will include updates from Rev. Brian Baker, Director of Spiritual Care Arnot Health and Rev. Larry Jennings Jr., Dir. Pastoral Services Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital. They were two of the presenters from last years SCT22 event.  The following is a link to last years website:  actstt.org/sct22

Spiritual Care and Mental Health Workshop Outline

The 9:30am to 11:30am Spiritual Care and Mental Health Workshop will be a  panel presentation focusing on Spirituality,  Mental Health, and other components Holistic Living.

Many of us are caring for persons dealing with physical illness and mental health issues. They may be family members, friends, neighbors, or congregational members, we want to help in the best ways we can. …….

This workshop will share some of the following basic skills and practical knowledge that can help you provide better emotional and spiritual care to others:

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Q and A

Panel members include: (alphabetical order)


Gary Short – LCSW-R and Barb Short – LCSW-R, RN

Gary began serving as director of the Family Life Biblical Counseling Department in 2008.  In addition to overseeing the department, Gary counsels individuals, couples, children, and families.  He is a licensed clinical social worker and is certified in EMDR treatment for trauma.  His expertise in treating abuse (verbal, mental, sexual, and physical), drugs, alcohol, as well as aging, anxiety, sexuality, communication, pornography, and depression continues to make him an asset to this area…especially at the age of 80!  He is joined by his wonderful wife, Barb, who also works at Family Life as a counselor.  She has the same credentials as her husband and has extensive clinical experience in mental health dealing with both individuals and groups.  She is considered an expert in treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, phobias, sexual abuse, domestic violence, relationship issues, and more. Barb is also a Registered Nurse, which enables her to integrate the medical with mental health issues.


Orlando Vargas-Jimenez

A licensed master social worker and a certified alcohol and drug counselor. Orlando was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, and is fluent in Spanish. He prioritizes family, time with his wife and two sons, as well as their two Golden Retrievers. When not working or taking care of his family, Orlando enjoys tending to his plants, growing in faith, exercising, playing softball, and watching sports.

In addition to his years of working as a counselor, Orlando served as the Crisis Coordinator for Family Services of Chemung County and the Clinical Director for Bradford Recovery Center. He is committed to helping individuals and families overcome life’s challenges. Orlando attended Mansfield University of Pennsylvania where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. He then earned his master’s degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. He provides evidence-based interventions using a holistic approach that is tailored to each individual, family, and group session. He has a wide range of experience and is eager to provide compassionate support as you navigate life and learn more about yourself. Orlando is always ready to listen and support while also helping his clients build skill sets to create lasting change in their lives.



Care is a natural next step for those who love their neighbors. The following acronym helps define the C.A.R.E. progression.


Begin with listening and considering current conditions. Joining together requires respect of the fact that each person is a unique creation dealing with a unique moment in time. Hearing life from the prospective of those in need prepares us to serve.


The sun shines behind the clouds during the days of all lives. Helping those with needs to think of positives helps the healing process.


History, academia, science, and collaboration create common knowledge relating to conditions and opportunities.


Applying knowledge as an artist at the appropriate time to current situations builds the future. Leaving with encouraging positive thoughts is a requirement.


The following slide show was used during the October 2022 gathering.

The following are words of a song composed in early 2006. They remind us of a life of service and encourage us to continue the focus on the Spiritual component of Holistic Living.


The road is long and I am weary.
The days roll on and I am afraid.
I will travel on and I won’t worry.
My Lord is here and I am saved.

The storm clouds roll and I hear thunder.
The river is wide and I must cross.
I will carry on and I will show courage.
My Lord is here and I am saved.

When I ask why and feel there are no answers.
When I cry with pain I can not bear.
I take one step and yield my understanding.
My Lord is here and I am saved.

My Lord is here and I am Saved.

The words are expressed in the following audio. Imagine a backup group directed by God. The choir includes God, family, friends, and other spiritual caregivers all whispering (whistling) these words before, during, and after expressions of concerns from an individual with needs.

I am here, I love you, I love you, and I am here.