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The Spiritual Care Today event will be at the Elmira Clarion Inn in Elmira. This location is the former Holiday Inn. It is located at: 760 East Water Street, Elmira, NY 14901. Their website link is:

Two events are open to all interested in celebrating, learning about, and supporting spiritual care services.

Please call Stephanie at 607-737-5280 Ext.207 prior to 10/17/22 to register for each event.

The 8:00 am Spiritual Caregivers Appreciation Breakfast is hosted by: Area Christians Together in Service (ACTS). The $10 per breakfast price will be collected at the door from all pre-registered attendees. Others who do not wish to eat are welcome to  fellowship with us at no cost.

The sharer scheduled for this event is Pastor Bob Russell from the Community Wesleyan Church in Horseheads, NY.  The following is a link to their website:

The 9:30am to 11:30am Spiritual Care Skills for Everyone Workshop is a  panel presentation focusing on the health care arena.

Chaplaincy and You: Spiritual Care Skills for Everyone Outline

Many of us are caring for persons dealing with physical illness and mental health issues. Whether they are family members, friends, neighbors, or congregational members, we want to help in the best ways we can. Chaplains are professionals who have training and experience in how to provide compassionate, supportive spiritual care and how to communicate and work with a patient’s healthcare team. This workshop will share some of the basic skills and practical knowledge of chaplains that can help you provide better emotional and spiritual care to others:

  • The Ministry of Presence: why showing up and being present with others really does matter
  • Listening 101: how to listen compassionately and emotionally attune to what the other person is experiencing in ways that will give them the most support
  • Getting patient information and respecting patient confidentiality and consent (HIPAA)
  • Communicating with healthcare team members and helping the family engage in care planning
  • Advance directives and end of life decision-making: Why everyone needs a healthcare proxy
  • Responding to mental health and addiction crises: recognizing distress and utilizing appropriate resources
  • Reports from our clergy, congregational and community

Q and A

Panel members include:

Rev. Brian Baker

Ordained through ABC-USA Rochester-Genesee Region;  Received Masers of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary 1997. Currently is the Systems Director of Spiritual Care for Arnot Health since March of 2020.

Rev. Larry Jennings Jr.

Education:  Davis College in Johnson City, NY; Clarks Summit University in Clarks Summit, PA. Served at local Pastor in Warren Center, PA for 33 years. Served at Guthrie Hospice Chaplain for 5 years. Served as the Director of Pastoral Services at Guthrie for 2 years. Married to my wife, Annette, for 35 years. Two children and six grand children.

Bill Reynolds, M.Div.

Interim Pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Elmira, NY. He is a Certified Educator with the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education and offers spiritual care training through Crossroads of Caring, Inc. Bill has served as Associate Director of Chaplaincy at the University of Rochester Medical Center (NY) and Coordinator of Pastoral Care at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (GA).



Care is a natural next step for those who love their neighbors. The following acronym helps define the C.A.R.E. progression.


Begin with listening and considering current conditions. Joining together requires respect of the fact that each person is a unique creation dealing with a unique moment in time. Hearing life from the prospective of those in need prepares use to serve.


The sun shines behind the clouds during the days of all lives. Helping those with needs to think of positives helps the healing process.


History, academia, science, and collaboration create common knowledge relating to conditions and opportunities.


Applying knowledge as an artist at the appropriate time to current situations builds the future. Leaving with encouraging positive thoughts is a requirement.


The following are words of a song composed in early 2006. They remind us of a life of service and encourage us to continue the priority of spiritual care in the health care industry.


The road is long and I am weary.
The days roll on and I am afraid.
I will travel on and I won’t worry.
My Lord is here and I am saved.

The storm clouds roll and I hear thunder.
The river is wide and I must cross.
I will carry on and I will show courage.
My Lord is here and I am saved.

When I ask why and feel there are no answers.
When I cry with pain I can not bear.
I take one step and yield my understanding.
My Lord is here and I am saved.

My Lord is here and I am Saved.

The words are expressed in the following audio. Imagine a backup group directed by God. The choir includes God, family, friends, and other spiritual caregivers all whispering (whistling) these words before, during, and after expressions of concerns from an individual with needs.

I am here, I love you, I love you, and I am here.