Aaron and I met at Messiah College and fell in love while growing closer to the Lord together. We got married in July 2018 and both pursued our careers and additional schooling. I pursued a Master’s Degree in Social Work and Aaron started working as an athletic trainer with the hopes of attending Physician Assistant school in 2021. When we were presented with the opportunity to go to Nepal, we immediately knew we had to take it!

As we prepared over the course of 4 months we were able to see so much of God in everything. He provided our schedules to free up and the money to be provided from many different forms. I had made 80 pies at thanksgiving to raise money and Aaron made paracord bracelets, along with team spaghetti dinners and donations. We were so blessed to see God’s work since the beginning of the entire experience! From fundraising, to safari rides through native Nepal, we have truly seen God’s glory!

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