We all have been challenged by the current pandemic season. Guidance and regulations require us to cancel our traditional ACTS Good Friday gathering at the Elmira Holiday Inn. This historically has been an appreciated opportunity for fellowship, learning, outreach, and worship.

ACTS hope is that we will all ZOOM through this season of social distancing and that we will soon be able to, once again, join hands as area Christians together in service. A ZOOM online meeting is replacing or traditional Good Friday Morning event. The following are several of the components that will be broadcast during that event.

All things work together for good.

Openning Prayer and Comments – Don Rockwell

Scripture Reading – Mark 15 : 25-33

Mary Denike

Child Evangelism Fellowship

David Stalbird

Family Life Report – April 6, 2020

Rick Snavely

Voice of the Martyrs – Hugh Smith

Sharing – Rev. William Vallet

Our plan is to collect media from Christian individuals, churches, and  ministries who desire to grow as area Christians together in Service.

Submissions may:

  • Express encouragements relating to Easter 2020.
  • Describe Christian ministries in this area.
  • Share how area Christians together in service can maintain the FLOW.

Selected items will be included in our Good Friday program.

Suggested content may be submitted through the [ General Inquiries ] page on this website.

It is Friday, but Sunday is coming !