Our Sharer:  John Jenkins – via Zoom  (100 Fold Mission)

John gave us an update of the www.100fold.org mission.

John is making chips to give specific “leaders” in the people group called the Sonjo which is west-southwest of Mt. Kilimanjaro. This people group has had missionaries working with them to provide medical care, water wells and other various “tangible needs”. We will be the first group to go in the language group of over 20,000 people to do evangelistic work. We will be bringing in materials and will have access to going in their schools. We expect to be there for about two weeks and I am currently trying to raise support above our 100Fold support as this will be with our church and working with several denominations.

From our ACTStt.org website:

John & Janice Jenkins of OneHundredFold mission is a group of technical specialists who believe mobile technology has a transformative role to play in carrying the gospel of Christ to every person on Earth, in a translated language they can understand.  We use technology to help fulfill the great commission. We leverage emerging technology and provide training in existing tools to help our partners connect with the lost more effectively.

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10107 Timber Hitch Dr., Waxhaw, NC 28173

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