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Church update from Rev Corey Cameron Cooke, Sr.  He is a faithful servant of God, a husband to Caitlin, and father of two, Corey, Jr. and Zoe. Originally from Los Angeles, California, he has been licensed and ordained since 2012.  Rev. Corey has served in the ministry under the late Bishop Al Cooke, Sr., Pastor of Fort Mission Fruits of the Spirit Church of Los Angeles, California, and served as Assistant Pastor of the Greater Freedonia B.C. in Sacramento, California, for two years, before relocating to Ithaca, where he became a member and Associate Minister of Pastor Nathaniel Wright, Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Ithaca.

He served faithfully at Calvary for two years, before Pastor Wright sent him on assignment to aid Monumental Baptist Church of Elmira, New York. He served as Interim Pastor before being appointed by God as The Under Shepherd of Monumental Baptist church Senior Pastor for two years.

Pastor Cooke is looking forward to God leading him on the journey of encouraging and equipping his people to engage in a healthy spiritual life, and to help others obtain everlasting life through an intimate relationship with God.