Pastor Larry is a graduate of what was then, Baptist Bible Seminary in Johnson City N.Y. in 1967.  He was ordained into the Baptist ministry at his home church Hillcrest Baptist Church, serving as assistant to the pastor and the church secretary.   He served as pastor of West Jackson Baptist church in Millerton Pa. from Jan.’72 until and into ’74.  Prior to that he taught in the Junior High at a Christian School in Fall River Mass. for one year.

While at West Jackson, he was also working at Hesselson’s in Elmira Heights and retired after 30 years in Dec. 2001.  In August of 1999 Larry was asked by the district Superintendent and the pastor of Horseheads First United Methodist to take the pastorate of Alpine United Methodist, for six months (a small church of mainly senior citizens tucked into the hamlet of  Alpine N.Y.)  serving there for over ten years.

Nellie Beidelman was the director for Child Character Education, Inc. for over thirty years.  Larry met her at about age eight or ten, and sat under her teaching in Junior Church for several years.  His first experience at a camp was the youth camp on Harris Hill sponsored by Child Character.  In his teens he was a counselor there for one or two years.  Larry is currently on the Board for Child Character developing Child Character Education for over 75 years.