Mark has supported missionaries Michael and Glenda Miller since before they began Border Buddies Ministries in 2004. He served on their Board as Vice President for 15 years and is now serving as the Website Administrator. Border Buddies motto is “Bringing the Heart of Christ to the Heart of Honduras”. That is being achieved in a number of ways. The physical transformation of selected publics schools with the help of short-term construction teams; providing medical care through short-term medical teams; youth groups that help young boys and girls navigate city life in a third-world country dominated by gangs, corruption, violence; water filtration that removes chemicals and parasites; seeds for crops, seedlings, and water irrigation systems that ensure bountiful harvests; materials and assistance in building houses, and gospel preaching messages that bring truth and hope to the “least of these.”

One of the most effective programs of Border Buddies Ministries is “One Child Sponsorship” which connects a North American donor to a needy child who could otherwise not attend school except for the financial support given. We have seen major success with this because the funding and spiritual support each child receives from Mike and Glenda gives them a new perspective and most of all hope. Almost every child achieves excellent grades and continues on to graduation. To date we have helped 330 children, including seven from BOCES and one from university to obtain their graduation certificates. Their success also changes their families, friends, neighborhoods and schools, teachers and staff where they attend. In everything we do, the gospel is foremost as we focus on giving a hand up and not a handout. Our continued presence over 17 years is having a major impact.

­Mark retired from the Hillard Corporation in 2008 and retired from appointment with the United Methodist Church in 2015 but came out of retirement in 2020 to serve as Lead Pastor of Pennsylvania Avenue United Methodist Church at their Pine City, Miracle Mile, and Watkins Glen Fresh Start Church locations. Mark and Anne have two children. Son Benjamin, his wife Gabrielle and their daughter Emily living close by, as well as John and Tamara who are home from the mission field having served in Ghana for number of years with the mission organization ABWE (Association of Baptists for World Evangelism).