The sharer for our April 16, 2021 meeting was Pastor Harold Burrell – West Jackson Baptist Church in Millerton, PA.

Intro from Pastor Burrell:

I was born in Montour Falls NY. I was born again at the age of 12 at a Billy Graham Crusade in Elmira. The Lord called me to preach when I was 15. I left for Bible College when I was 17.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go well. I kind of got “full of myself”…got expelled from school for a time…and never finished. Instead, I got married…started having children right away (3)…and began working secular jobs. Eventually, I ended up spending 10 years at the Indiana State Prison. (I mean, as a Correctional Officer, but still…)

Finally, my family and I moved back to NY in 1991. Shortly thereafter the Lord led us into a ministry of Evangelism, where we were able to travel the country singing as a family in local churches. We did that for approximately 12 yrs.

Then in 2005, the Lord introduced me to the folks here at the West Jackson Baptist Church. And though I was not looking to pastor, God apparently had other plans. As it stands right now…it would be fine with me if the Lord would allow me to spend the rest of my day’s right here.

Pastor Harold Burrell