She shared a remarkable story, seeking Jesus’ unconditional love through it all; the mission field, of our own backyard & beyond thru our daily walk.

From Carole:

“Grew up in upstate New York, Governor, St. Lawrence Co. My father was a tenant farmer, Mom an alien, (yup had a green card). My Dad died in a farming accident before I turned 3. My Mom remarried, not a good one. My sister would visit and teach me Bible verses. Stepdad died when I was 15.

That spring my sister visited and took me to my first revival service in the Pilgrim Holiness Church in Harrisville, NY. I went to the alter and accepted Jesus. Because of certain circumstances the summer I was 16 I went to live with my sister and family in Bath, NY. Attended the Nazarene Church, graduated from Haverling High School.  Took some Art courses and got a diploma that starts, Illustrator and related arts.  Married, have 2 children.  While my kids were growing up, I became the 2nd lady Cub Master for Pack 140. Big Hi Horse District. Did some Craft shows, sold Shaklee, and other products. Sang with my husband in church, divorced. Married again, not a good marriage. Started painting and did craft shows.

Unfortunately, my sister passed away in 2013; as she had been my rock, and she is the one that encouraged me to keep going. My husband died in 2015. I started to attend Church again, and have been active with both the Community Wesleyan Church and the Bridge Wesleyan Church. God never let me go, he was there when I was not aware of him, He kept His arms around me until I found him again. I am so pleased to say that He is my bread of life and He is my peace. I have a song that has touched me, a will try to sing it at the end of my talk about Japan.”