Our own member, Brad Lytle, updated us on the progress of Luke & Lauren Smallcomb and family in their mission in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Brad is Lauren’s father. Luke and Lauren have been in country for a year and a half. They have experienced many challenges and have seen God working in wonderful ways. Brad presented a Power Point Presentation, prepared by Luke and Lauren, detailing how the Lord called them to their mission, what has happened to them since they answered the call, what they have seen and done and how they are coping with the many challenges.

As has been explained previously to ACTS, Luke, a graduate of Columbia International University, with a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and Lauren is a Registered Nurse and a Certified Nutritional Therapist. The primary mission Luke is involved in is through “The Well” as a counselor to other missionaries who are having family or marital problems. Until recently, these missionaries have had no one to turn to for assistance. Lauren is involved with many missionary families and Thai people, helping them with matters of physical, as well as spiritual health. The kids, well…they are kids!

Additional information can be found on their website: Filled2Bless   and on actstt.org/shepherds-staff-mission-facilitators