Mark Erway has been a supporter of Michael and Glenda Miller since before they began Border Buddies Ministries back in 2004 and he has served as Vice President of the corporation for 14 years, He and Dale Cleveland traveled to Honduras for two weeks in 2004 to assist Mike and Glenda in their prison ministry effort, and they were on the very first shorter-term construction team in 2005. Since then Mark has been on 11 construction teams and a medical team, having just served on Team #50 that returned on June 5h. The Border Buddies motto is “Bringing the Heart of Christ to the Heart of Honduras”,and Mark’s passion is helping to recruit team members and showing them how they can be a short-term missionary, too. It is a life-changing experience to step out in faith and serve others in the name of Jesus, not only for team members but for the youth and adults with whom we interact in Honduras.

We (Border Buddies) have repaired four schools already and are in our third year of renovations at the 21st of October Institute, and Junior/Senior High School, where we will have added 11 classrooms and a computer lab when all is said and done. 20 of our teams have worked there investing many hundreds of hours of labor and well over $100,000 in materials. A huge impact is being made on all of the students and their families resulting in increased enrollment, higher grades and more graduates. The schools’ Principal visited our area last January to sing the praises and promote support for the work going on. The parents and guardians are in full support of Michael holding Bible study classes for the youth there during the day as well as having youth group meetings in the evenings. We have installed a complete surveillance system to help the staff with discipline. Additionally, through our “One Child Sponsorship” program, we now have just over 300 students whose education, tuition, uniform and books are being supported by folks from our area.

Retired from the Hilliard Corporation and retired from the United Methodist Church as a Local Pastor, he stays involved in disciplining through active involvement in the technologies group of Pennsylvania Avenue United Methodist Church at their Pine City, Arnot Mall and Watkins Glen locations. Mark and Anne will celebrate their 48th anniversary on June 27th. We are blessed to have our son Benjamin, his wife Gabrielle and their daughter Emily living close by, and by John and Tamara who are missionaries to Ho, Ghana with ABWE.